Here are some resources to get you started on the road to community organizing! As members of the DSA community, we are always learning. No one knows everything but together we know a lot!  


Media & Videos 

🌹 NYC-DSA YouTube channel

🌹 Revolutions Per Minute,NYC-DSA’s weekly radio show on WBAI

🌹 What is Mutual Aid: Solidarity Not Charity



🌹 The Abolitionist Horizon: Building A World Without Police Or Prisons

🌹 Abolition: How We Keep Us Safe, a practical skill sharing zine for budding revolutionaries 


Reading Lists

🌹 The Problem with Capitalism

🌹 Intro to Socialism

🌹 Intro to Prison Abolition

🌹 Transformative Justice Syllabus 

🌹 Intro to Socialist Feminism 


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We are an all-volunteer organization. We rely on support of people like you to volunteer and contribute so that we can continue to fight for social change, care for our neighbors, and deliver groceries & other essential items to our neighbors across Queens.

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